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Natural Spring at Villa Amrita
Did you know that there is an amazing, special place just below Villa Amrita?
The Springs at Villa Amrita
Natural Spring at Villa Amrita

local man returns home with waterDid you know that there is an amazing, special place just below Villa Amrita. A sacred water spring! Just a two minute walk from the villa is a place you cannot imagine. A wonderful site you have never seen or experienced before. This is the only place the local people come to gather their fresh drinking and cooking water. It is very sacred and important. Guests can visit the spring and even safely drink from its water!

The best time to visit is during the day between noon and early evening. Once the sun prepares to set, many of the local people will come to the springs to bathe, wash and collect water. Make sure you give them their privacy! Otherwise, they are curious too. Enjoy them and the surroundings. It is a lovely place to see and feel. So fresh and beautiful. The water is filtered by the rock. It comes straight from pipes drilled into the rock. Here there is also an altar for offerings to God. Take your shoes and socks off and walk around. Make sure you get a photo too.

You can visit this special place even at night. It is even possible to see fireflies. Grab a torch/flashlight and walk down to the springs. Be careful of course, the path can be slippery. Not for the faint-hearted and always bring a friend!

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