Fun Bali Activities: Dive Manta Point

Last Updated on March 24, 2021 by amrita

When you visit Bali, there are many fun activities awaiting you. Experiencing the beautiful landscape is sure to bring you both relaxation and joy. But, one of the most interesting activities in Bali you should definitely never miss out on is scuba diving. If you love water and exploration, you are set to have great fun here. It really does not matter whether you are a beginner or an accomplished scuba diver, there is something for everyone. Here we talk about at some of the best spots for scuba diving in Bali and what you can expect.


Manta Point is certainly one of the leading scuba diving locations in Bali (located in Nusa Penida, southeast Bali). When you are visiting this area, be ready to enjoy a panorama like no other. There are stunning views of elevated cliffs and islands that will usher you into a glorious scuba diving paradise. This is the place to view the celebrated Manta Rays. The big pelagic species are almost always available for visitors to view them. The tropical reef fish variety in this part of Bali is wide. You will also come across sun fish and nurse sharks among others. Blue spotted stingrays also make part of the marine life here. This goes to show that the diving experience is phenomenal to say the least.

Manta Point can be accessed through speedboat from the main island of Bali. The coral reef is certainly in good shape with divers expected to find both hard and soft corals. In most instances, visitors here will experience slight current. It is an advantage to have some good buoyancy skills. Diving expeditions at this Bali dive spot bring together Manta Rays, divers, turtles and other fish. Visibility is usually 10m to 30m. Manta Rays will always be attracted to this location because of the availability of food.

Therefore, if you are looking for an almost guaranteed diving experience with Manta Rays, this is the best place to head in Bali. You may also get to see numerous blue spotted stingrays who also make up a huge population in the area. Most divers are just too happy to enjoy all the spectacles of the ocean in Bali. As always, when visiting Manta Point, it is critical to follow the code of conduct as guided to ensure that the marine life and their ecosystem is protected.


This is yet another Nusa Penida dive site that promises a lot. It is the best place to view the famous oceanic sunfish Mola-Mola. Indeed, this is one of the best spots in the world to enjoy these amazing marine creatures. The dive location is also home to numerous tropical reef fish as well. There are also endless critters like seahorse and frog-fish that will provide you with a full marine visual that you will not forget. This dive location also has great visibility as well.

When it comes to visibility, the waters here are crystal clear; making the spot one of the best places in eastern Bali for optimal visibility. In fact, Crystal Bay was named courtesy of the crystal-clear waters. As stated earlier, it is critical to follow a strict code of conduct while diving here to avoid damaging the delicate ecosystem. Touching the marine life is not allowed in a bid to safeguard their habitat. When visiting this fabulous Bali location, make sure to book at the right time. High season for Mola-Mola viewing usually runs from July to October.

If you are trying out diving for the first time, make sure you are fully prepared. Do some research in advance to get your bearings. There are all manner of resources available for you here, including becoming certified in scuba diving.

The above examples are just some of the most popular spots. When visiting, make sure to compare the various spots to choose what will work for you best. Diving the Liberty wreck in Tulamben is also a fantastic dive, but it will require a lengthy drive. This is why diving at Manta Point and Crystal Bay from Sanur is a fantastic option for those with a strict schedule.

Visiting Bali cannot be complete without a spectacular diving adventure.