Fun Things to do in Ubud – Visit Tegenungan Waterfall and Much More!

Last Updated on March 24, 2021 by amrita

There are many fun things in Ubud for every person. No matter your age, personal preference or budget, you are sure to find something that will transform your Bali experience. There are top-rated fun things in Ubud that you must know about. One of the most popular places to visit is the Tegenungan Waterfall. Most waterfalls in Bali can be found in mountainous regions or highlands; however, this waterfall is uniquely situated between Ubud and Denpasar. Within 30 minutes when travelling southeast from Ubud town, you will reach this beautiful destination. The village roads are smooth and welcoming and the journey to the falls is also enjoyable. You will view great rice fields laced with greenery.

Here is a nice aerial video of what you can expect

Once you reach the Tegenungan Waterfall, you will find ample parking with a host of traders selling souvenirs. You can get your ticket from the booths at the scene. In addition to buying keepsakes, you get a chance to enjoy Balinese snacks and cold drinks. This is a great way to refresh as you make your way to the fall. If you have some time to spare, you can enjoy some Balinese delights from the large restaurant at the location. A few minutes walk from the shops will reveal a picturesque landscape. This natural wonder will bring you closer to nature as you take in the beauty. The greenery is impressive and the water is wonderful. When the water volume is not too high, you can enjoy a quick dip at the pebbled base of the fall.

Also, it is worth nothing that above the waterfall and to the south (right) there is a very nice club and restaurant you can visit called Dtukad.

I think it would be well worth an afternoon to spend a few hours or grab a snack and a nice photo here. Also remember, this area is not that far from the Komune at Keramas, as well, which is an outstanding option to catch to great sites in one day.

If you want to enjoy the waterfall from the elevated viewpoint, this will work as well. When you visit this site, you will discover that many tourists have a keen interest and this goes to show how popular the attraction is. If you want real fun things in Ubud, you cannot skip this location. You will be happy to note that you can access great hospitality near the waterfall at Villa Amrita. Here, you should not expect anything less than exceptional hospitality. From great rooms to a panoramic surrounding, you will enjoy pure luxury. If you want comfort and relaxation, Villa Amrita near the Tegenungan Waterfall is your best choice.

Other fun things in Ubud

An enchanting tour to the Petulu Village

Did you know that Ubud was once home to Indonesian royalty? This will be very evident when you visit some of the notable villages like Petulu. Here, you will meet art, culture and architecture all sewn in one. Discover the Hindu and Balinese influences that merged together to form a distinct masterpiece. From excellent rice paddies to awesome cultural food, this village will not disappoint. The color tells the story of a rich cultural heritage and this is what you will uncover.

Visit Threads of Life for amazing fabrics

Traditional handwoven fabrics are created beautifully by a group of local women at Threads of Life. Indeed, this is a group that goes beyond to help lift women from poverty. In addition to buying fabrics that have been skillfully made, you will be helping families overcome poverty. In addition to buying your favorite pieces, you can take a quick class on how to make these traditional fabrics. You will discover new techniques and learn so much more.

Tap into natural Balinese wellness

In Ubud, you will find an excellent skincare company that creates wellness products from natural ingredients. Utama Spice is where you discover natural aromatherapy and skin care products; all inspired by the Balinese culture and ancient medicine. When you visit their shop in Ubud, you can get the natural bug spray that is organic and safe. You can also get essential oils, body butter, lip balms, hair oils; the list goes on and on. If you are looking for a special gift for your loved one, Utama Spice is a thoughtful choice.

Enjoy rafting on Ayung River

If you are looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush, rafting along Ayung River in Ubud is for you. You will enjoy excellent greenaty, waterfalls, and an array of birdsongs. Your journey will also uncover monkeys swinging from tree to tree. This rafting ride is a natural experience that will help you appreciate the unspoilt Balinese nature. On site, you will find all the guides and resources you need. From safety tips to helmets and life jackets, rest assured that your safety is prioritised. At the end of the rafting ride, you will be ushered to venues where you can refresh and enjoy hearty meals and drinks.

Explore the Campuhan Ridge Walk

This is a spectacular ridge that will take you through amazing attractions including traditional huts, rice fields and adorable villas. If you are travelling with a romantic partner, you will discover that this stretch is spicy to say the least. It has a panoramic allure that will certainly cement your bond. This ridge is best suited for morning and evening walks when the sun is not too hot. This ridge is about three kilometres and on the way, you can buy some refreshing drinks as you soak in the beauty.

Experience the Water Palace at Saraswati Temple

While adorned in Balinese traditional attire, you can explore this magical temple. You will experience great beauty at the shrine that was built in honour of a Hindu goddess. At this divine location, discover a water garden that is adorable. Also, you will find a lotus pond, devil masks, fine carvings and melodious statues. All this will speak to your inner spirit as you take in the refreshing atmosphere. At night, the temple also comes alive with great music and fun. A set of painters will also be at work adding to the gorgeous allure of the temple. This is a place where you can take amazing pictures to store amazing memories.

Rejuvenate with yoga

Yoga is definitely one of the fun things in Ubud. Top level yoga centres such as the Yoga Barn will help you unwind in style. When you take a break from your demanding busy life, you will be looking to refresh and revitalize and what better way to do it than through yoga. The first thing you will notice at the Yoga Barn is the distinct architecture. It really captures the soul of the island. In this beautiful place, you can start your healing yoga classes through the guide of a skillful yogi. In fact, you will be matched with a yoga style that fits your personal needs. At the end of your experience, you will have great energy to accomplish your dreams and goals.

Explore the Ubud Art Market

It is always good to take some time and enjoy the offerings of Ubud. To discover local arts and crafts, head to the Ubud Market or Pasar Seni. You will be met with numerous shops and stalls that sell all manner of products. Many are souvenirs that you can keep or buy as gifts for your friends. The art market sells products made by locals from neighboring villages. Here, you will buy amongst others, kites, scarves, woven hats, shirts, baskets, statues; the list goes on and on. To get a good bargain, it is wise to visit the market very early in the morning. You will unearth many interesting products that are produced by hand at the art market.

Discover the Tegallalang Rice Terraces

A short distance north of Ubud (and very close to Villa Amrita) is a great setting made possible by contouring rice terraces. This place is breathtaking when you see it. The local farmers employ a system of irrigation that has been used for centuries to create a unique landscape that is scenic to say the least. You will view green-laced slopes and palm forests that add to the harmony of nature. As you enjoy your green coconut drink here, allow your mind to marvel of the beauty of Ubud. Taking a walk through the surroundings with a local guide is very worthwhile.

Head to Goa Gajah Elephant Cave for amazing history

This is an awesome archeological site that will teach you a lot of history. You cannot visit Ubud without coming to this cave. There is so much to explore at the cave which has a central location in Ubud town. Here, there is a bathing pool, temples and a cave that was built in the eleventh century. The cave is adorable owing to its decorate details done superbly using rocks and other materials. This is a place where you soak in great lessons and you imagine how ancient Balinese life must have been like. Ironically, there are no elephants at this cave.

Shake a leg with Kecak Dance performances

Kecak dance performances are very popular in Ubud. You will find them at many spots in the town and beyond. These traditional performances are intricate to say the least. They are also entertaining and you can feel free to join in the melodious moves. One of the best places to enjoy the dances is Junjungan village. This is home to the most authentic Kecak dances in Bali. The dances tell cultural stories of the Balinese and Hindu cultures. In this village, more than 1000 families participate and all the money they earn goes to the maintenance of the village temple. This dance experience is fascinating and you will not want to miss this when you are in Ubud.

Visit the bird and reptile park

If you love animals, this will certainly be one of the fun things in Ubud. This park is made up of a tropical garden that is home to exotic birds from Indonesia and all around the world. In fact, you will be amazed to learn that there are over 1000 exotic birds at the park. At the reptile section, visitors will get to see the Komodo dragon up close. This rare reptile is only found on the tiny island of Komodo. The colourful environment will make you appreciate nature even more.

Spoil yourself to some chocolate at the Pod

Located across the river from Ubud in Carang Sari is the Pod chocolate factory. This company was founded by Tony Garritt in 2010 as a means of producing chocolate products in a sustainable manner. This Australian found that getting the raw ingredients from nature in the best way made for better products; while making the whole production sustainable. Organic methods are used to produce cocoa pods and since its establishment, the Pod has become a spectacle in Ubud. You get to see first hand how chocolate is made as you savor every step. You can also create your very own elephant shaped chocolate to your delight. This is definitely one of the fun things in Ubud.

Discover rich culture at the Blanco Renaissance Museum

If you want to explore culture, this is the museum to visit in Ubud. From intricate sculptures to painting and collages, there is so much to enjoy. If you love poetry, this is still a great place for your to rediscover the spoken word. See what a host of artists have created and get inspired in the right way. You will be happy to note that this museum is open every single day. The place was established by the late Don Antonio Blanco who had a great passion for art and collectibles. This museum can be found strategically located at the hilltop overlooking the alluring valley of Campuhan.

To find old and new art, also consider visiting the Agung Rai Museum of Art. You will find a rich mix of old and new art inspired by the Balinese culture. In addition, you will find great work by foreign artists for a diverse and contemporary feel. Artists who have contributed to the evolution of art include Raden Saleh and the German artist Walter Spies are all featured in the museum. There is no doubt that this place will satisfy all your cultural and artistic curiosity. Ubud is known for its art and style and to this end, museums showcase this beauty in much greater depth. Fun things in Ubud do not end here; there is so much more to discover.