The Best Things to Do in Ubud (Part 2)

Last Updated on March 24, 2021 by amrita

6. Taste the Tantalizing Tegenungan Waterfall

The falls are green and lash creating a timeless panorama that is worth your while. Reaching these falls is not complicated at all, you will go through elegantly paved villages that lead up to this location. You will be impressed at the water volume in this unspoiled destination. This is a place to become one with nature as you marvel at the serenity of the environment. No matter the time of year, these falls are always raging with voluminous water as if in a bid to please all the visitors. If you want to get a taste of the action, you can plunge into the pool at the base of the falls. This is best done when the water levels are not too high. You will be happy to access souvenir shops lined up nearby as you experience the natural offerings of Ubud.

Bali, Indonesia – May 8, 2017 : Gianyar Night Market is a top destination for hungry locals and tourists, offering a large variety of traditional balinese food in Gianyar province, Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia – May 8, 2017 : Gianyar Night Market is a top destination for hungry locals and tourists, offering a large variety of traditional balinese food in Gianyar province, Bali, Indonesia

7. Stroll through the Tegallalang Rice Terraces

The outskirts of Ubud play host to the rice terraces of Tegallalang. Here, rice is grown using a method that utilizes steps or terraces. This technique is commonly referred to as ‘subak’. It is a way to optimize irrigation that is customized to the terrain of the area. These terraces are both appealing and unique. Within a few minutes of driving from the town center, you will be at this farming community. Once you arrive, there are paths you can follow to view the rice terraces all around. This will also be a learning experience as you will get to see how rice is grown and how it is harvested. This green destination is a sure favorite for many; and you can get a souvenir thanks to the nearby stands and shops.

8. Get artistic at the Blanco Renaissance Museum

This museum is inspired by great art and is the former home of renown artist Don Antonio Blanco. To begin with, the museum is located against a backdrop of alluring rice paddies in Campuhan. It literally sits on a hill and was designed to strategically provide the refreshing view. The museum is filled with excellent art collections including collages, lithographs, poetry, paintings; and many more. You cannot help but see the Balinese culture in the art as women and dancers form part of the larger theme. This museum and the home is run by the descendants of the gifted artist. As you enjoy the creative inspiration, you can sample delectable dishes served at the restaurant on the site. If you have had enough bites, take time and stroll around the gorgeous gardens that decorate the museum. This experience is both artful and refreshing.

9. Ignite your Evening at the Gianyar Night Market

When you are looking for something fascinating to do in the evening in Ubud, look no further than the Gianyar Night Market. It is located a short distance from the middle of Ubud and you will access some of the top Balinese bites and snacks. To this end, make sure you have a big appetite because the offerings are endless. Some of the delicious bites to find here include dainty little cakes, fried bananas and satay. If this is your first time here, you cannot go without tasting the signature Balinese dish, roasted suckling pig. Everything that will suit your taste buds will be found at this night market. When your belly is full, feel free to do some shopping. This is because there are many other items on sale including toys, clothes and souvenirs. At this market, get to enjoy the warm spirit of locals as you mingle with the people.

10. Explore Threads of Life Indonesian Textile Arts Center

This is one of the most notable attractions in Ubud. This center is also known for its charity work and visiting this location will be wholesome. The center promotes the sale of sustainable textile. You will uncover a wide array of textile with varied design, feel and texture. Also, all the dyes used here are natural, making the products even more valuable. When it comes to the weaving techniques, the varieties are many and a lot of Indonesian styles are showcased here. You will go back in history to see what the weaving techniques were like. There is also a shop where you can buy all the favorites to take home with you. If you are up to learning, there is a practical class that you can join to learn a thing or two about weaving and textile Bali-style.